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The Rapid Accelerator - 5Ps
Do your employees feel safe? Can they work with a clear mind and can they depend on receiving a consistent paycheck? Do they feel appreciated and respected? Is their creativity reflected in their work, and do their opinions matter?
Do your employees feel a sense of meaning in their careers? Do their roles align with their personal strengths and interests, and do they feel that their careers are positively impacting the world?
Are the goals and expectations of your roles clearly defined? Does a roadmap exist for training, growth, and future job promotion? Is training ongoing and are employee rewards & recognition built into your culture?
Do your employees feel a sense of team unity, camaraderie and trust in one another? Does leadership promote the spirit of winning together and have you created a common team culture, or are selfish and toxic behaviors permitted? Are employees trained in emotional intelligence and how their actions and behaviors will impact others?
Do your employees feel that they’re growing and moving forward in their careers? Do they feel that their work has meaning and do their contributions invigorate their ambitions? Are they trained to grow and evolve in their positions?

Rapid Accelerator founder, Jonathan Miri, created his 5-step turnaround framework for several major corporations. Now he’s dedicated to helping your organization achieve and maximize its potential.

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