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Is your team suffering from lack of focus, poor productivity, or low morale since the crisis began?

We’ll turn it around in 90 days!

You might think that your team can’t be fixed. But what most people don’t know is that there are actually 3-5 main reasons that teams are struggling right now:

  1. Lack of communication from Leadership about the state of the business and/or state of everyone’s jobs.
  2. Constant fear and anxiety over layoffs, and the resulting negative behaviors.
  3. Uneven redistribution of tasks/responsibilities/workload after layoffs.
  4. Lack of clear communication about goals and expectations, leaving employees fearful that they’re next to be laid off.
  5. Leaders are too busy to continue training, so employees feel a lack of growth combined with constant fear and anxiety.

Of course, there are going to be occasional exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, the explanation will fall into one (or all) of those categories.

So… what can you do about it?

First, let me start by telling you

What You Should Not Do

  • DO NOT hope that the situation will go away by itself

  • DO NOT blame the individuals for their lack of productivity and focus

  • DO NOT lay off more people hoping to get rid of the problem employees

  • DO NOT hide under the covers and hope the crisis goes away

Hi, I’m Jonathan Miri

If you want to discover how to quickly turn around your underperforming team and increase engagement and maximize their results, then you’re absolutely in the right place.

If you want to discover how to quickly turn around an underperforming team and increase productivity and maximize results with customized action plans, then you’re absolutely in the right place.

Beyond just helping leaders turn around their teams, I train managers and employees to maximize their potential and increase engagement every day, and I deliver long-lasting results that unite teams and increase productivity.

It’s one thing to hold a training class and hope that it all sticks, it’s another thing to create lasting change in outlook/perspective and turn around entire careers in addition to fixing teams.

At this point, here’s the question I would be thinking if I were you: Jonathan, why should I listen to you?

I’ll give you 3 reasons…

Rapid Promotion - Jonathan Miri
Career Coach Jonathan Miri

Reason #1

I Was a Senior Executive for 20 Years, Including at a Fortune Top 10 Company During the 2008 Financial Crash.

Career Expert Jonathan Miri

In short, I’m battle-tested.

During my 20 year leadership career, I successfully led teams during recessions, corporate bankruptcies, mergers, crippling layoffs, and even a hurricane.

During these very challenging situations at four Fortune 500 companies, I developed and executed a 5 part framework that kept my teams focused, highly driven, and producing at an outstanding level.

With this proven 5-part framework and my 20 years of experience, I developed The Rapid Accelerator™ program to help your team during our current financial crisis. So you know it works!

Reason #2

You’ve Never Had A Leadership Advisor Like Me

Career Advice by Jonathan Miri

Not only did I lead for 20 years during excruciating financial periods, but I’m also a former full-time MBA level instructor.

I taught courses in Management and Business Communication at a Top 25 MBA program, so I know all of the theory, I’ve done the research, in addition to my senior leadership experience.

Reason #3

The 90-Day Rapid Accelerator Program Works Fast!

Career Tips from Expert Jonathan Miri

I know you’re beyond strapped for time and you want your team fixed today, so I deliver only the most salient, hard-hitting advice to help your teams reach their potential.

That’s my promise to you: My advisory service will dramatically increase the productivity, focus, and bottom-line results of your team. And if it doesn’t, believe me, I want to hear about it.

So, if you’re ready to

Jump In and Turn Your Team Around Fast...

I invite you to join me on a short, complimentary exploration call to discuss how I can deliver your customized solution to permanently fix your team, and turn them into the best performers in your industry.

Rising Up,

Jonathan Miri
Founder, Rapid Accelerator

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