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Are you concerned about employee conflict, overwhelm, and underperformance? Let me work with your team so you can transform “crisis mindset” into growth opportunities.

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The Rapid Accelerator System

The Top 3

Reasons Why Employees Underperform

1. Unheard

It’s a manager’s job to make sure every employee gets to share their ideas and feel like they are part of a team.

2. Unfocused

Distraction and poor time management have a direct, negative impact on your profitability.

3. Uncertain

Not knowing where an employee stands with management can create disengagement, fear, and resentment.

How Most Organizations Deal With Under Performers

Most organizations deal with poor performing employees in one of two ways: they try to ignore them, or they fire them.

This is a problem.

First, employee turnover is incredibly costly. All of the time ($) and effort ($$) you spent acquiring and training that employee is lost, plus their years of institutional knowledge. Second, turnover creates sizable gaps in your team’s chemistry. The most productive teams are in environments where they get to know, trust, and like their coworkers. Where the whole can become greater than the sum of their parts.

Jonathan listened to me and he turned around my entire career. He made me want to stay with the company and become their top producer.

Charlie CarollaCasino Gaming Host
Kansas City

The 90-Day

Path to Performance

Jonathan Miri, founder of Rapid Accelerator, uses his proven 3-part process to vastly improve your team's morale and performance within 90 days.

1. Interviews

Jonathan will personally speak with every team member and quickly diagnose the root causes of your team’s poor performance.

2. Customized Plan

Jonathan will build your customized training plan to address problem areas using his 5P Framework and two decades of turnaround experience.

3. Training

Jonathan will apply your customized training plan to transform behaviors and broaden perspectives, all to improve performance and unlock employee potential.

Results To Expect Within 90 Days

  • Lower Employee Turnover
  • Greater Employee Loyalty
  • Productive Feedback to Leadership
  • More Trust & Team Camaraderie
  • Fewer Disciplinary Issues
  • Greater Emotional Intelligence
  • Greater Feeling of Appreciation
  • Increased Productivity
  • Real Sense of Job Satisfaction
  • Better Workplace Reputation

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Improved Employee Engagement By


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Increased Customer Retention To


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Our Guarantee

If We Can’t Help, You Don’t Pay.

We believe that 99% of poor-performing teams are repairable. However, if we assess your team and conclude that coaching won’t help and that turnover is necessary, you don’t pay a thing. And you will still receive a full report with productivity recommendations at no charge.

Team Assessment

Which of the 5Ps is Your Biggest Challenge Right Now?

The Rapid Accelerator - 5Ps
Do your employees feel safe? Can they work with a clear mind and can they depend on receiving a consistent paycheck? Do they feel appreciated and respected? Is their creativity reflected in their work, and do their opinions matter?
Do your employees feel a sense of meaning in their careers? Do their roles align with their personal strengths and interests, and do they feel that their careers are positively impacting the world?
Are the goals and expectations of your roles clearly defined? Does a roadmap exist for training, growth, and future job promotion? Is training ongoing and are employee rewards & recognition built into your culture?
Do your employees feel a sense of team unity, camaraderie and trust in one another? Does leadership promote the spirit of winning together and have you created a common team culture, or are selfish and toxic behaviors permitted? Are employees trained in emotional intelligence and how their actions and behaviors will impact others?
Do your employees feel that they’re growing and moving forward in their careers? Do they feel that their work has meaning and do their contributions invigorate their ambitions? Are they trained to grow and evolve in their positions?

Jonathan worked hard, listened to a lot of complaints, and managed to turn around all 10 of our problem Sales reps. He pulled off a miracle because he’s so good with people.

David BeroniExecutive Director, Casino Gaming
Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Jonathan Miri

Jonathan Miri currently serves as an executive advisor to companies experiencing costly employee turnover, disengaged teams, and low group morale.

Jonathan has developed the 5P Rapid Accelerator Framework to identify vulnerabilities, create customized action plans, and quickly train employees, which results in more engaged and higher performing teams with decreased turnover.

Jonathan rapidly develops strong people managers whose teams feel heard, respected, and appreciated.

His 5P framework applies to all industries that cannot afford the financial cost or loss of productivity from employee turnover.

He served as a senior executive at The World Bank, Wachovia, Bank of America, Caesars Entertainment, Wyndham Resorts, and Hilton Worldwide where he developed and utilized his 5P Rapid Accelerator Framework to turn around and supercharge his teams.

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