In 2013, a large publicly traded casino gaming company had a 120 person Inside Sales team located inside of a major casino on The Las Vegas Strip. 10 of the 120 inside sales reps had become highly insubordinate, problematic, and disrespectful towards management, so, to motivate their immediate resignation, a major step was taken by their leaders.

The desks of all 10 problematic sales reps were removed from the sales floor and placed into a small isolated room for them to work, now separated from their peers. The desk move was meant to publicly shame and humiliate the employees.

The 10 sales reps ranged from low to top sales performers, one with 18 years of experience at the casino gaming company, but their behavior had become so detrimental to the entire team that the company was willing to lose the employees and potentially incur approximately $8 million worth of losses from customer defections, lost institutional knowledge, and new hiring costs.

As a last ditch effort to turn around the 10 employees, Jonathan was given the almost impossible task of working exclusively with these 10 problematic employees to turn them around and to modify their behaviors.

During the next 12 weeks, Jonathan utilized his empathetic listening skills, relationship building experience, and his 5P Rapid Accelerator framework to drill down to the roots of these 10 employees’ behaviors, to uncover their anxieties, to discover “the why” behind their misguided actions, and to pinpoint the causes of their insubordinate behaviors.

Jonathan immediately noted that all 5 of his Framework’s 5 Ps were missing from these 10 employees, so Jonathan created customized turnaround plans for each employee, and he began to rebuild and reestablish their corrected behaviors while also quickly modifying their damaged belief structures. He also reaffirmed their personal commitments to their careers and established new motivations for each person.

Jonathan also trained the 10 in emotional intelligence. He custom created new EQ goals for each of the 10, along with timelines and checkpoints to ensure their focus on their new commitments.

After 12 weeks of daily work, he was able to convince their leaders to retain all 10 from leaving the company. And their desks were moved back onto the main sales floor!

One of the ten problem sales execs, Charlie Carolla, describes his experience. “I felt unappreciated, disrespected, and I hated working there. Jonathan actually took the time to listen to me, and he was the first person to understand my issues. He helped me to refocus my energy and got me to see how my actions weren’t helping anyone.”

Today, Charlie Carolla still remains with the gaming company, now a highly successful team leader in Kansas City where he credits Jonathan’s efforts that saved his career and kept him with the casino company.

David Beroni, currently a Senior Executive with the gaming company, observed Jonathan’s efforts and coaching firsthand. Here’s what he had to say:

Jonathan really connected with the 10. He listened to a lot of complaining, but he directed all of it towards their immediate improvement, and he really pulled off a miracle.

David Beroni
Senior Exec, Caesars Entertainment

Jonathan offers you this same level of turnaround potential along with his two decades of leadership experience plus his 5P framework to solve your team’s immediate needs, just as he did in 2013 with the 10 employees in Las Vegas.

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