In summer 2016, the owner of the #1 rated Salon Spa in all of Hawaii needed Jonathan’s assistance with very low morale and low motivation on his team. The #1 rated Salon Spa was located in the ultra exclusive Hokua Tower in the upscale Ala Moana district of Honolulu, and the salon billed itself as “The Celebrity’s Salon.”

Jonathan spent 2 weeks observing the staff, while they interacted with clients, with coworkers, and with management, and utilizing his 5P framework, he noticed that 2 of the Ps, specifically Power and Purpose were missing from the employees.

The Power P of Jonathan’s 5P framework refers to an employee’s feeling of control over their career. The Power P reflects an employee’s capability to feel safe, with a dependable paycheck and job stability, to feel that their voice is heard and acknowledged by management.

The Salon Spa’s staff admitted to Jonathan that they felt like they could be fired at any time and that their concerns weren’t being heard. Jonathan advised leadership to have more collaborative meetings and to share any news or updates with staff, so that they would feel empowered. Even if the news was less than ideal or negative, the staff still appreciated the information, and this served over time to increase their trust in leadership and to strengthen the Power P of the 5P framework.

The second missing P of the 5P framework, Purpose, was more challenging to address, so over the next 4 weeks, Jonathan met with each employee and using his entire 5P framework, helped each employee to redefine “their why” behind the motivations for their careers and for their lives, who or what they were ultimately working towards or serving.

The 4 weeks of individual conversations were very enlightening for the employees, and many commented that they had never stopped to ponder or assess their greater why and the purpose of their careers.

This self-reflective thinking is highly enlightening for any employee, and will serve to strengthen their resolve and to create a sense of grit, willpower, and fortitude for good times but most importantly for difficult and challenging times, like we’re experiencing post COVID-19.

Jonathan’s attentive and empathetic listening skills and rapid trust building allowed him to quickly help the staff to reestablish and write down their short and long term career goals, and to reinvigorate their spirits of motivation and persistence through their challenging times.

Let Jonathan utilize his 5P framework to work with you and with your staff, to reestablish your short and long term goals, and to identify what’s most important for your employees. The economic crash of 2020 has led many people to question their why, and it’s shaken many people’s will, so let’s reexamine your team’s Power and Purpose, to get you and your team to unshakeable levels during challenging times!

Wow, Jonathan was incredible. The staff loved him. He took the time to quickly learn our salon industry and listen to everyone’s opinions. He drilled down to what meant the most for each person, and he really got people emotional, in a good way, to stay strong, and to work hard for their family and for themselves. He lit a fire in a lot of people, and I see it every day here at the salon. Mahalo!

Alan Vuong
Owner, Salon Blanc

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