In 2014, a large publicly traded international hospitality company owned and ran nine luxury resorts throughout the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. These nine large resorts, which each accommodated 3000+ guests, were located in various coastal, mountain, and city locations, but predominantly in scenic but very rural areas.

Jonathan was hired in mid 2014 to be the Regional Business Management Senior Executive overseeing teams at all nine resorts in Oregon and Washington, and within 6 months of his hiring, he had major turnover on two of his larger teams.

Both departures were outside of Jonathan’s leadership control, yet the departures were highly detrimental to their local teams, who now lacked years of institutional knowledge and locally present leadership.

Jonathan lived and officed 4+ hours away from both locations, so site visits required long car travel and hotel stays, but following the two departures, over the course of the next year, he spent an extraordinary 140+ hotel nights in both locations specifically to retrain, lead, and to turn around these two teams!

Both of these locations, while scenic and very beautiful, lacked a local population of sufficient candidates to replace the departed leaders, so an outside candidate was needed. Due to the rural locations, any new leader had to be convinced and compensated monetarily to relocate to towns ranging in local population from 2,000-10,000 people; very isolated and small communities that were unappealing to families or to anyone with location specific careers.

Following the departures of both leaders, Jonathan took over immediate local leadership and taught himself the intricacies of the departed positions, since as a new regional executive, he had never performed the specific daily tasks of the local roles, and had only been with the hospitality company for 6 months.

None of the existing team members were candidates to replace the departed leaders, so Jonathan had to immediately and quickly stabilize both location’s teams. Jonathan met regularly with each member of the two teams, and utilized his strong empathetic listening skills, relationship building experience, and his 5P Rapid Accelerator framework to drill down to the sources of the individual’s motivations, to uncover their anxieties, to inspire and to discover “the why” behind all of their careers, and to pinpoint the causes of any infighting or insubordinate behaviors.

Jonathan noted that most employees lacked all 5 of his Framework’s 5 Ps, so he created customized career pathing plans for each employee, and he began to reestablish correct behaviors while also quickly modifying their damaged belief structures.

The 5P framework allowed him to offer each employee a full service of empathy, challenge, and future career development, while addressing the immediate and future needs and desires of every employee.

Both turnarounds were highly successful, local leaders were eventually hired, and both of these leaders still remain with the company today. Jonathan credits his 5P framework, a lot of hard work, and many hotel nights for the successful rescue of both teams!

Jonathan offers the same quick turnaround offering to your team, using his solidified 5P framework, in cases of leadership absence, turnover, or when times are uncertain or if your team has fallen apart. The 5P framework will rescue each member of the team, and the team itself, it will reinvigorate hard work and focus, and it’ll keep employees working diligently, just as it did in Oregon and Washington in 2014.

Jonathan took over a complete disaster. He spent tons of time with the team, he held many individual and group meetings, and he really got them refocused, motivated, and in line to perform their roles. They stayed engaged and in line until their new leader was hired. He did a tremendous job here for us.

Brandon Beerbohm
Portland, Oregon

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